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Bamboo is the fastest growing land plant on Earth and can reach full maturity in just five years as opposed to the 20 years taken for traditional timber. As a result, bamboo can create 20 times more timber per hectare than other hard or softwoods.

The global forestry trade exceeds $1.8tn per year and is increasing, but supply is dwindling as 30% is produced illegally and another 45% is unsustainable. With its exceptional green credentials and high rate of growth, Bamboo is set to become the sustainable timber source of the future.

Bamboo has great qualities, which make it an exceptional substitute for most traditional timber products. Bamboo can be used to manufacture plywood, flooring, decking, panels and veneer. This is commonly known as Engineered Bamboo.  End users of bamboo products buy them because they are generally less expensive than tropical hardwood equivalents, have better performance and are more environmentally sustainable.

As a result, bamboo’s demand around the world is well established and rapidly growing. The world market is expected to quadruple to $20bn within the next four years alone.Bamboo is simply the best source of timber for the planet. It sequesters four times more carbon dioxide than other timber and produces many local environmental benefits.

For these reasons, Danglos Eco Systems are in the process of developing their own Bamboo Plantation in Occidental Mindoro, which will not only benefit the environment, help stabilise soil erosion and local eco system, but will provide much needed jobs for local people.This is the fastest way to increase the use of structural bamboo, sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, and stimulate local economies to lift communities out of poverty.

Our Bamboo Homes and ranges of Bed & Bath, Womens Wear and Lifestyle Wear Products also help make the planet a better place to live.

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